Great Brown Bear with Swift A-Frame 225gr .338

I guess I sent this email as much to brag as to inform but either way I’m really excited about your bullet performance. I just got back from Cold Bay, Alaska and shot a great brown bear that squares 10 ft. 3 6/8 inches. I have attached a picture of the bullet, a Swift A-Frame 225 Grain .338, a picture of a group I shot prior to leaving and a few of the bear. I shot the bear at 256 yards in the right front shoulder, and it took out the shoulder before going thru the heart and lungs and lodging in the skin on the opposite side. Even after breaking down the right shoulder the bullet did not deflect but went straight thru. The recovered weight is 199 grs. The target is the best I’ve shot with this bullet, but all my other shots have been dead on. You can notice that I have increased you max. load and have had no problems with pressure. You can see in the picture that I hit him again a little bit back after the first shot but the first shot killed him. He ran fifty yards before piling up.

Thanks for a great product.

Good Hunting,

Jerrell Coburn