Gemsbok at 41 Yards with Swift A-Frame 280gr .429

Gemsbok at 41 Yards with Swift A-Frame 280gr .429

I wanted to share my experience with your product, specifically your 44mag, 280 grain A-frame bullet.

Before my safari last month, I had many fine products to choose from ranging from Barnes, Nosler, Hornady and Swift. I had never hunted with Swift and struggled to find actual hunting reviews for handgun performance. Your design and claims intrigued me and the .429"/280gr shot well in my Ruger Bisley.

Results... Incredible! I shot a gemsbok at 41 yards. They are notoriously tough, and my guides were leery of such a light caliber with a hollow point. Entrance on the bull was at the fold of the shoulder. The bullet penetrated the rib, lungs, heart and offside rib and came to rest in the skin. Penetration was about 15" and wound channel was roughly silver dollar sized all the way though. Another forty-yard shot on an impala in the same point was a complete pass through. Both animals ran about 3 seconds and collapsed. Handguns aren't often seen hunting in this area and my guides were stunned. They are asking me to send info for their clients. The bullet that was recovered weighed 277 grains and mushroomed perfectly! 

You have made a believer out of me and anyone around me. Thank you for the great safari!

I have attached pictures of the bullet and the animals. If one of your reps wishes to contact me, I can provide more detailed information about specific performance. Please feel welcome to share with the management as well as they may have inquiries too.

Again, thank you! 

Mitch MacDermaid
Queen Creek, AZ