Held in the Highest Regard by African PHs

Held in the Highest Regard by African PHs

South Africa Aug 2023

I used your Swift Scirocco II factory ammunition in 7m-08 to cleanly take multiple species of game, including a heavy Sable and a mature Wildebeest. All were one-shot kills, and none of the animals went more than 20 yards after the double lung/heart shots.

I also used your A-Frame in 400 grain .416 cal. to take a Cape Buffalo. The first shot was a fatal double lung pass-through taken at 70 yards, but with African game, the practice is to shoot until the animal is on the ground. The second shot for insurance went through the rear leg and into the abdomen passing through almost to the diaphragm. Expansion and weight retention were excellent.

Feel free to share my thoughts on your products. I have used them for years, and they are held in the highest regard by the African PHs.

~ Jeff Wood